Mylène Montplaisir

Who is Mylène from the TAIGA club?

Originally from Montreal, I have now been residing in the Madeleine Islands for the past year. I like simplicity, spending time with loved ones – laughing, eating, enjoying a nice glass of wine – reading, cooking and being in nature. I love animals, road trips, taking care of others, organizing events, listening to a good comedy show, travelling… 

I am 34 years old, I am an Anglophone who came from a Francophone family and I am a certified instructor in yoga hatha, vinyasa, yin, nidra and SUP. Climate issues and the well being of animals are two subjects that are very close to my heart. 

When you don’t have both feet in the water, what do you do?    

When I am not on the water, I split my time as a Project Manager for JUNA Yoga, and as freelancer where I take on many different roles. When I am not working, I like being outside, spending time with the people I love or spending time quietly at home where I do housework, read, write, practice yoga… 

What is your favorite spot (on the water, obviously) and why?   

For SUP yoga, I love to go anchor myself at the Big Échouerie at Old Harry in the Madeleine Islands, when the ocean is calm. The water is clear, the sand is soft, the view is magnificent and we can often observe seals at a distance. For SUP excursions, I really enjoy the decor and quietude of Lake Superior in Mont Tremblant. 

Your go-to TAIGA board(s) and why? 

Awen Air 10’ + Full Carbon WOOD Paddle – Adjustable 3 pieces x 1. 

I have moved around a lot in the past year, so having an inflatable board has made the most sense for me, seeing as I can store it anywhere I please, wherever I end up. In addition, I am not very tall and therefore the Awen, which is smaller than the Borea for example, is perfect for me. The three-piece paddle fits perfectly in my bag, and is therefore easier to carry when I must walk for a long period of time to find THE dream spot J. 

If you could choose one ‘dream destination’ for paddleboarding, where would it be and why?

There are many locations where I would like to practice SUP, but for the moment, I dream of visiting and practicing SUP in Lofoten, Norway.