Nadia Bonenfant


Who is Nadia from the TAIGA club?

First off: Mother of three boys and passionate about travel, SUP, surf and yoga. Always eager and energetic in many facets of my life. I love enabling the women of my enterprise, JUNA Yoga, to discover SUP, as well as spending time with my boys on the water. 

When you don’t have both feet in the water, what do you do?  

I teach professorial yoga sessions, I bring my boys to Teakwendo or I take care of the millions of projects both at home and for my business. In terms of personal time, I ski, surf, practice morning yoga and paddle along the lakes in my area. 

What is your favorite spot (on the water, obviously) and why?   

Tofino, because this location is absolutely magical with its breathtaking scenery, the whales and the Pacific fog that longs the East Coast of the island of Vancouver. 

Your go-to TAIGA board(s) and why?    

The Awen is a classic for me. Streamlined, but versatile and perfect for SUP yoga and SUP as a family. I often bring along one of my boys who sits on the board’s nose. 

If you could choose one ‘dream destination’ for paddleboarding, where would it be and why?

Azores, New-Zealand (I lived there for a year) or Tahiti. Locations where tropical mountains plunge into the water.