Pat Gauvin

Who is Pat from the TAIGA club? 

I started SUP surfing in the Acadian Peninsula almost 15 years ago. I was lucky to have been part of a small group of surfers who discovered the best surf spots and the potential of our region. We've always been open to sharing the sport with other locals, because it changed our own lifestyles for the better.  

Being in the TAIGA club allows me to expand this positive vision for SUP surf in our region and help both the young and the old recognize the value of our waterways and the quality of our surf spots. 

When you aren’t on the water, what do you do?   

I'm checking the forecast to see when’s the next time we can go surfing! Jokes aside, you can find me at Cielo working on the layout of the site, in the gardens, at our bar and store in our "Hub", the main building, or on the stage strumming my guitar during our events.

What is your favorite spot (on the water, obviously) and why?   

Any break you can surf in the Acadian Peninsula. There are nearly a dozen spots all along the St. Lawrence Gulf, with waves ranging from 2 to 10 feet high, so it's hard to choose just one. There's nothing like surfing with friends in your hood and discovering the potential with each session.

Your go- to TAIGA board(s) and why?

I always use two boards when I go surfing - the El Nino and el Limon. When it's choppy and the wave height is average, I take my El Nino since it's a bit more stable, but still handles the waves really well. I often end my sessions with the El Limon, but when it's really clean, I start with it because the speed and reactivity of this board is incredible! 

If you could choose one ‘dream destination’ for paddleboarding, where would it be and why

There is a specific spot in our area that breaks only once or twice a year. It's an extremely powerful shore break that occasionally makes tubes. There's nothing that compares to that wave.

If you had one piece of advice to give to a rookie who doesn't know the wonderful world of water sports yet, what would it be? 

Even though flat-water SUP is amazing, I would recommend exploring the waves in your area. Many people travel abroad to learn how to surf 1- foot waves when it's also possible to do the same thing close to home. It only takes a small wave to get hooked!