Pro Set Up

In close collaboration with Hooké, we’ve designed a paddle board that meets all the needs of both fishing connoisseurs and beginners. Here are a few ideal set ups to get you started.   

We've thought of everything: D-ring, accessory mount, bungee, and board size, shape, and volume! Our goal is to help you take your passion to the next level!!  


Set up 1

The fishing rack allows you to bring two extra rods with different lure setups.    

The ideal set up for a half-day trip. 

Set up 2 

The D-rings at the back of the board help secure your cooler to your paddleboard. We want your attention focused on reeling in fish, not your equiptment!   The brand Yeti offers the perfect size cooler for this set up. Find it on the Hooké website.   

Having a cooler on board will allow you to spend more time on the water and always have your favourite snacks at hand.  

Set up 3 

Found the perfect fishing spot? Stack the odds in your favour of making it back to shore and secure your paddle to the D-ring with the paddle straps. With your hands finally free, you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand: reeling in the fish!

When you’re ready to head back to shore, you can retrieve your paddle and attach your fishing rod to the D-ring with the two straps  

Set up 4

Your Hooké AIR  is built for maximum stability and allows you to head out equipped with everything you need to catch as many fish as you want! 

Set up 5

By installing your sonar device to one of the accessory mounts, you’ll be one step ahead of finding the perfect fishing spot. Once you’ve located it, you can drop your anchor (previously filled with sand or pebbles) in the water to help keep your board in place.