From the Atlantic to the Great Lakes, to Preserve the Beauty Our River
Last summer, we decided to use our TAIGA paddle boards to do cleanups in rivers, lakes or even on the St. Lawrence River. Our boards allow us to bring back waste found in the environment, simply by using a bucket or a diving net attached to the front. Discovering the aquatic and marine environment of Quebec, it allows us to concretely get involved in the preservation of these, while joining the useful with the pleasant!
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10 Tips to Give Love to the St. Lawrence
July represents vacation time for many, but just because we switch from our work to play clothes, doesn’t mean we have to forego our responsible consumption habits. Actually, tit’s an even a better time to double our efforts and significantly reduce our reliance on plastic. Read on if you want to learn how you can take part in Plastic Free July and help preserve our beautiful St. Lawrence River.
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