★★★★★ +10 000 HAPPY PADDLERS


Here are the 6 big reasons why all paddle board enthusiasts immediately fall in love with these paddles from TAIGA.

1. State-of-the-Art Materials and Technology

Made of carbon, durable and of high quality, our paddles are among the lightest on the market. 

✓ 100% Carbon Fibre Blade and Oval Shaft 

✓ ABS Coating on the Blade for Extra Shock Resistance 

✓ Surface Area of Blade: 81 po²

✓ Weight of Paddle: 540 g 

✓ Angle of Blade: 10˚

2. Ergonomic Features 

Developed in Canada and tested in close collaboration with partners, ambassadors and paddle board enthusiasts who push us to redefine the limits of the sport, our paddle collection is adapted for all types of people. 

✓ Ergonomic Handle 

✓ Adjustable Shaft 

✓ Grip on Shaft

3. Available in Different Pieces

At TAIGA, we offer different sizes of paddles to satisfy different needs. From a training paddle to a compact travel paddle, we have something for everyone! 

✓ 1 Piece Fix 

✓ 2 Pieces 

✓ 3 Pieces 

✓ 5 Pieces 

4. Over +10 000 Happy Paddlers!

Light weight  

Definitely the lightest paddle I've ever had in my hands! It allows me to repeat the same movement over long distances without getting tired.  

★★★★★ - Vincent B.

Great light weight paddle 

For a solid, light weight paddle this has been great. I really like the adjustment and how it doesn't twist.

★★★★★ - Bronwyn Y.

5. 10 Years of Experience on the Market

Founded in 2014, TAIGA's mission is to promote and make paddleboarding accessible by manufacturing products that stand out in the industry. From the shapes to the construction and the choice of material, we aim to produce durable, performing and high-quality products

6. Test it out for 3 Years

Ready to give TAIGA’s paddle a try? If for some reason you find that our paddle isn’t right for you, we offer a 3-year warranty on the quality of our products. All to win, nothing to lose.