Demystifying SUP Paddles

The paddle counts for 50% of paddleboarding.

So you can make an informed choice when shopping for a paddle, here are 3 things to look for when buying your paddle: 

1. Number of Pieces

1, 2 or 3 pieces? The answer is less complicated than it sounds...   

✓ You’re the only one using the paddle and you want to have the strongest one? It's a 1-piece fixed paddle that you need. Our fixed paddles can be cut to the desired length, so it's a custom paddle just for you! Keep in mind that the less the paddle is cut, the more efficient and solid it is.

✓ Want a stronger, adjustable paddle for people of different sizes? Then the 2-piece adjustable paddle is best. The idea is to have the least amount of sections to have more strength and the least amount of weak points in the shaft.

✓ Do you have an INFLATABLE paddle board? Are you running out of space? We recommend a 3-piece removable paddle. You'll be able to take it apart and carry it easily in your bag. TAIGA's 3-piece paddles feature an angled cut that adds strength and prevents the shaft from turning on itself.

Psst! We even have a 5-piece paddle to go with the small bag of the Nano Zip Air 9’8!

2. Construction Materials

The construction of your paddle will impact its weight, grip and durability. Often, low-end paddles will have an aluminum shaft. This material is very resistant, but very heavy. Over time, during your outings, you will get tired much faster.

At TAIGA, ALL paddles have a carbon shaft. This material will lighten your paddle and make your outing easier. Moreover, it allows a certain flexibility, which can be beneficial.

Hybrid paddles have a fiberglass blade, which is more resistant than the carbon shaft. It is ideal for a first purchase, because you will combine strength and lightness.

Some paddles like the Elite Carbon UD Pro are entirely made of carbon. This type of paddle will make happy the SUP fans who have a little more sportive soul and who like efficient rides.

3. Shape of the Blade 

The surface area and angle of the blade are also things to consider when you shop your paddle.  

✓ The larger the blade surface area, the more explosive the paddle stroke will be in the take-off. A large blade area means power and acceleration, ideal for SUP surfing or whitewater, for example.

✓ In contrast to power, a smaller surface area will help you keep the pace of the paddling movement. Therefore, a smaller blade size will be preferred for endurance activities, such as racing and touring.

How to Choose the Right SUP Paddle

Choose your paddle wisely; it is much more important than you think! It's your main tool for maneuvering your paddle board and we promise you'll see all the benefits once you're on the water!

Don't hesitate if you have any questions, we’re here to help! 

Who to Hold Your Paddle