by Guillaume Larouche

Discover all the advantages of SUP fishing with our Hooké AIR 11'6 paddle board

SUP fishing has been gaining in popularity for many years now! We have therefore designed THE perfect inflatable paddle board to practice this sport on different waterways: the Hooké Air 11’6.

The advantages of SUP vs boat  

  1. Accessibility to different bodies of water such as lakes that are difficult to access, rivers and oceans;
  2. Ease of transport;
  3. Easily stored in the trunk of a car;
  4. Smaller carbon footprint than that of boat fuelled by gasoline;
  5. No fuel, license, or insurance fees required;
  6. Action fishing, a combination of fishing and physical activity;
  7. The paddle stroke allows for discrete movement without frightening the fish.


The advantages of SUP vs fishing kayaks 

  1. Standing allows for you to have greater perspective on your surroundings (able to see the fish);
  2. Sitting on the cooler (raised higher than a kayak) allows for a better grab;
  3. Much lighter and easy transport;
  4. No need to purchase a roof rack;
  5. Allows for a more sport-fishing approach.


Advantages of the Hooké Air 11'6 paddle board

  1. The fishing rack allows for you to bring 2 additional rods with different mounts for different techniques;
  2. The fishing rack is useful to attach a dry bag. Check out our pro tip!
  3. The four accessory mounts allow you to make the setup of your choice with Scotty brand accessories: 
    1. A rod mount for trolling;
    2. A water bottle holder for days of exploration;
    3. A sonar stand for jigging (a fishing practice that is done from a boat and in waters of at least twenty meters deep. The name of this practice comes from the metal lures that are used and are called jigs) for walleye, bass or lake trout;
    4. A GoPro stand to film your next trip;
    5. A tray to have lures and pliers at your fingertips. 
  4. The anchor is useful for when fishing in a current or while fishing on a windy day;
  5. It’s timeless look;
  6. The shape of the board; it’s length (11'6 inches) and width (35 inches) provide good stability and speed to get to your destination;
  7. The pressure of 20 PSI allows for the ideal rigidity of an inflatable board, increasing its stability while catching fish in a current or in the waves;
  8. This board is very versatile. It can be used for cruising with children, touring, and sup-camping.

Photo : Alexandre Lépine

The Hooké Air 11'6 and fishing techniques 

    • Habitat: in vegetation 
    • Still shallow water (less than 1 m): frog or swimbait 
    • Deeper waters, moving with the wind (less than 3 m): spinner or jerkbait
    Smallmouth Bass
    • Habitat: rocky point, sandy bottom, tree stumps 
    • Still shallow water (less than 1 m): swimbait or senko 
    • Deeper waters moving with the wind (less than 3m): drop shot or crankbait
    Largemouth Bass
    • Habitat: in vegetation 
    • Still shallow water (less than 1 m): frog or swimbait 
    • Deeper waters, moving with the wind (less than 3m): spinner or crankbait
    • Habitat: rocky or muddy bottom 
    • Shallow waters (night fishing) (less than 1 m): crankbait 
    • Deeper waters (less than 3m): jig or drop shot
    Lake Trout
    • Habitat: muddy bottom 
    • Fish with a sonar 
    • Deep waters (more than 20 m): jig

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    Hooké Air 11'6'': Your Ultimate Fishing iSUP