by Mariepier Bastien

Don't be Frigid, Buy a Rigid: 5 Great Reasons to Buy a Hard Paddle Board

Let’s solve this once and for all: if you need to buy a SUP, a hard board is the way to go. Without further ado, here are 5 great reasons why.

1. Performance

Nothing beats the glide of a hard paddle board on the water. Nothing. Now, inflatable paddle boards have more recently been built with higher performing materials. We agree – they have definitely improved in the last few years. One thing is for sure however: an inflatable SUP will never be as solid as a hard SUP and will never glide as efficiently as one either.

2. Sexiness (who's that lady? Sexy ladyy)

We love our inflatables, but we must say: we have a serious soft spot for our hard boards. Nothing is sexier than a board made with real wood veneer, covered in an epoxy coat, making you look like a real Brice Man on Instagram or to remember the history of our loggers. 

Photo : Sophie Corriveau

3. Quick & Easy Usage 

Although our inflatables allow you to grow some pretty big biceps (10-15 minutes of pumping is quite the arm workout!), hard SUP boards allow you to quickly and easily jump in the water at any given moment. You simply need dismantle your board from your roof, remove the board from its travel bag, attach its fins and you’re good to go! You’ll never miss another sunset again from having to spend 10 minutes too long inflating your board.

4. Easy Transportation 

Let’s debunk the myth: it's not difficult to carry a hard paddle board. Whether or not you have a roof rack, you can easily transport your hard board. In fact, many different options are available to you. 

In order to further protect your board, we strongly recommend that you transport it in a travel bag. In addition to protecting your board from the sun and rocks along the road that could cause damage, the travel bag is an excellent way to carry your board around in more restricted areas (stairwells, parking lots, boat ramps, docks, etc.) 

Big or small, there are several tricks to easily secure your board on your roof rack and safely transport it. Unless you have an 18-wheeler – then that’s a different story!

What you'll need:

Here's an explanation video:

A girl all by herself, check out the ultimate trick at 1m26s in this video on YouTube.

Photos : Sophie Corriveau

5. Storage

Storing your hard board isn't more difficult than storing your inflatable board. Without letting it sit outside between snowbanks during the winter, place your board in a travel bag and store it in the garage, basement or corridor will be just fine! It only takes up a bit more room ;) 

Even better, if your residence allows it, use your board a statement piece in your home. In your kitchen, living room, basement or bedroom, your hard board will add some much-needed tropical vibes during those cold winter days. Not convinced? Check out how amazing it looks! 

There are even racks available to store your SUP on the wall or ceiling. 

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