Get to Know the Magic of Winter From Your SUP

Are you one of those people who needs convincing that winter is a season worth enjoying? You love paddleboarding, and wish winter weren’t so long? If so, it might be worth taking 5 minutes to read on. The following might just inspire you to become that person who convinces all those winter grumps that cold weather can be FUN!

Winter paddleboarding... who would be crazy enough to do that? The TAIGA club! Well-equipped and well prepared, it can be a beautiful, pleasant, and magical experience!

It can serve as a great team-building activity (our TAIGA team tried it, and it was awesome!!), or just as a fun activity with friends, family, or your partner! Here are our top reasons why you should try it out:

Tranquil Waters

Winter SUP is unlike anything else: boats are stored away for the season, the water is calm, everything falls silent. It’s like embarking on a meditative experience that takes you far away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Just that is priceless.

A Different Point of View

In summer as in winter, you can find incredible spots for paddle boarding. What’s so great about winter SUP is that you can paddle on known waters and yet witness your environment from a completely different point of view. You’ll see and do things probably very few people have seen and done before, and that realization alone can be quite thrilling.

Weather That Changes Everything

Who doesn't get mesmerized by a light snowfall on a calm winter day? We can already hear your oohs and ahhs as you take in the scenery around you. Any photos taken on these outings are bound to score some likes on Instagram!

Planning Your Outing - A Must For an Unforgettable Experience

Chances are you’ll experience a moment of hesitation when you first get on the water, BUT don't let it stop you! As mentioned earlier, if you are well-equipped, the cold shouldn’t be an issue. With the proper wetsuit, you might even be quite hot! If you're out on a warm and sunny day, you’ve already got a good head start. Invite some friends and incite the less daring of the bunch with an Irish coffee! (One Irish coffee – remember moderation and common sense are key!)

Plan an outing of approximately 2 hours maximum to prevent you and your friends from freezing after all that sweating! 2h is plenty of time to enjoy the fresh air, bask in the beauty of nature and create unique and unforgettable memories.

End on a perfect note: Share some comfort food with your friends at the cute restaurant down the road or grab a refreshing post-SUP beer at the local brewery! Good times guaranteed!

Friendly reminder: the best time for winter SUP is in November and December, just before the water freezes over. Get out there just as the first snowflakes fall!

Want Some Inspiration? Check this out!

Our ambassador Alex treated himself to an unforgettable winter SUP experience at the heart of Iceland’s mesmerizing glaciers:

Want inspiration closer to home? Check out this video by our ambassador Sophie

Preparation is key

It’s worth repeating, preparation is key! Read our blog Super important, on te le répète encore, il faut bien te préparer! Lis notre blogue Winter Paddleboarding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know! to get clear on how to prepare for a safe and memorable experience on the water in winter.

May you enjoy many well-prepared winter SUP trips in good company!


Don't put your SUP away too soon, the season is not over yet! 😍