SUP Fishing 101: How to Get Started

by Brian Still

From Whitefish River First Nation and as the Owner and Operator of Stillwater Fishing and Tours, our ambassador Brian spends most of his time out on the water, enjoying the intimate feeling of hooking a fish while just inches off the water on his favorite paddle board.

Interested in SUP fishing? Keep reading! We sat down with Brian to learn more about this little-known practice!

What is SUP fishing?

SUP fishing is the use of a paddle board to navigate the waters while fishing. This sport is a unique way to experience being out on the water, while also having a more intimate fishing experience. This practice allows you to have a quiet approach while fishing on different bodies of water and you can use the paddle board to your benefit by accessing remote waters that are normally inaccessible by foot or boat; bringing you closer to the water for an intimate connection with your surroundings. While it’s not as active as let’s say, going for a run, you’ll get more exercise than you typically would standing on the shore or sitting in a boat considering you’ll be paddling yourself around and sometimes for long distances too.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of SUP fishing?


If I had to pick just one reason to choose SUP fishing, it would be the ability to be stealthy; it allows you to access the remote waters, quietly float along, and if you’re lucky, sight fish.


The wind is the paddle board’s greatest enemy. While it’s nice to have a slight breeze to push you along the water, if it’s too windy, it can push you away from your desired spot. However, I’ve found that a good anchor to help keep you in place on those windy days, and to even help stabilize you while you cast.

Are there any SUP fishing tips to get started? 

I’d start off by recommending that beginners get themselves a large and high quality board such as the Hooké Air 11’6'', which is 35’’ wide. Indeed, the wider the board, the more stable it will be. 

As well, I’d recommend getting some basic accessories; rod holder, rod/paddle straps and of course the anchor. TAIGA's Hooké Air 11’6'' Deluxe Fishing Kit includes all those basic accessories, and more, making the learning process for a beginner fisherman that much easier; to paddle and cast with all the necessary equipment.

Lastly, I’d recommend practicing basic skills on a paddle board prior to trying to fish at the same time. This way you’ll feel more confident while fishing on different bodies of water and under different conditions. When you eventually incorporate casting, you’ll have better control of your board.

What’s the best paddle board for fishing?

As a fly fisherman myself, the board I enjoy most is from TAIGA. This board is specially made for fishing, it has the stability and tracking I require for fishing lakes, rivers and oceans, while the accessories in the Deluxe Fishing Kit allow me to fly fish, which is my go-to style of SUP fishing. The rod holder allows me to bring two different fly rods for when I need to target different species. I also have the rod/paddle straps for when I’m paddling or for when I have a grip on the fish.

What gear can you bring for SUP fishing? 

With its 365 L volume and its 6'' spreader that can support up to 460 lbs, there is PLENTY of room on the Hooké Air 11’6''! To give you an example, I have enough room to carry a cooler or tackle box with me. This extra space allows me to bring my water, lunch and all my fishing gear. In short, this paddle board allows me to go out SUP fishing for several hours with everything I need.

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The Hooké Air 11'6'' kit will take you to the most remote areas for fishing.

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