Complete kit - Awen 10'0 Burgundy color
Paddler on the Awen 10'0 Burgundy by TAIGA BOARD
Side fins of the Awen 10'0 Burgundy color
Bungee of the Awen 10'0
Bottom Bungee of the Awen 10'0 Burgundy color
Girl with a dog on Awen 10'0 Burgundy color
Paddler on the Awen 10'0 Burgundy by TAIGA BOARD
Paddler on the Awen 10'0 Burgundy by TAIGA BOARD
SUP Yoga on Awen 10'0 Burgundy
Complete kit - Awen 10'0 Turquoise color
Side view of the Awen 10'0 Turquoise color
Awen 10'0 Turquoise on a lake
Paddler holding the Awen 10'0 Turquoise by TAIGA BOARD
Side fins of the Awen 10'0 Turquoise color
Paddler on the Awen 10'0 Turquoise by TAIGA BOARD
Awen 10'0 Turquoise on the beach
Paddler on the Awen 10'0 Turquoise by TAIGA BOARD
SUP Yoga on the Awen 10'0 Turquoise
Top view of the Awen 10'0 Burgundy color
Front view of the Awen 10'0 Turquoise color



Our Awen paddle board is designed for maximum balance. Its all-around shape ensures a fast and responsive ride while maintaining stability. The spacious deck pad provides comfort, whether you're taking a break, paddling, or experimenting SUP yoga poses!
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Sale price$1,592.00
Length Width Thick Volume Weight Capacity
10'0'' 33'' 4.7'' 191 L 27 lbs 250 lbs
Configuration: Truster fin
Board finish: Matte (Awen Burgundy) and Glossy (Awen Turquoise)
Shape: Concave nose leading to a flat body and tail
Features: FCS insert to mount a GoPro or any type of accessory

  • 1 x Central fin 9’’ (Awen Burgundy: Fiberglass & Wood / Awen Turquoise: Fiberglass)
  • 2 x Side fins made of plastic
  • 1 x Fin transport pouch
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Sticker Pack

NOT INCLUDED: paddle and ankle leash

This board can be picked up in store or shipped anywhere in Canada!

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AWEN 10'0''


Introducing the Awen, a paddle board engineered for optimal cruising with unrivaled balance. This paddle board's innovative construction and thoughtful design make it a perfect companion for both leisurely cruises and dynamic water activities.


Awen 10'0''

Awen 10'0'' vs. Borea 10'6'': Which One to Choose?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
jodi green
Review for our AWEN 10'0''

Based on our first week of using our new AWEN 10' we are overall thrilled! So far we have used it for lake paddling only and have found it both super light to transport and easy to maneuver in both flat and somewhat windy conditions for both young and old alike. Plenty of board space for yoga poses and transporting younger children with an adult paddling. The only thing we might comment on at a later date is the durability. We are already noting a couple external scratches with normal use and care and attention taken when transporting to and from the water. Therefore, we are unable to comment yet but we will be sure to update our review once we have used it longer. So far, super happy with our purchase. 5 stars and highly recommend this board for recreational lake use for all ages. We are looking forward to using it again very soon.

Hi Jodi! Thanks for the nice and complete review!

christian levasseur
Awen rigide de 10’

Nous avons acquis deux Paddles Awen 10’. Nous en faisons sur un grand plan d’eau. Ma conjointe a fait très peu de paddle et elle n’a eu aucune difficulté à conserver sa stabilité même lorsqu’il y avait des vagues. Il est rapide et conserve bien sa direction. De plus, ils très beaux et peu pesant. Ces deux paddles sont au delà de nos attentes et de loin. Ceux qui désirent un paddle stable et rapide, nous le conseillons sans hésitation.

andre rodrigue
Taïga 10 pieds planche rigide

Très satisfait de mon achat très belle équipe bon service à la livraison.
Merci à l’équipe taïga

Roxanne Desjardins

Je viens tout juste de faire l'achat de la Awen et je suis déjà en amour. Les conseils en message privé de Coco et son aide précieuse lors du ramassage à l'entrepôt ont fait en sorte que je vais regarder x1000 votre compagnie. Continuez votre travail exemplaire, vous êtes trop HOT ;-)

awwww ben laaaa, merrrrci pour tout ce love!!!

Amandine Viault
Awen 10

La planche est vraiment belle, agréable au touché, au porté, les couleurs sont bien choisies. Je suis débutante et je trouve quelle est parfaite, j’avais un mauvais avis concernant le puddle board car javais essayé une planche gonflable mais la, Awen me fait aimer le sup puddle. Elle se manie bien, est souple, confortable, rapide. Je recommande cette planche a tout le monde, et de plus, je fais du yoga!

An all around board

Designed With Yoga in Mind

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