Why You Should Choose a Superior Quality Inflatable SUP With TAIGA

by Élise Létourneau

The inflatable SUP market is booming, and with so many options available, making an informed choice can be challenging. At TAIGA, we take pride in being pioneers of paddleboarding in Quebec and offering superior quality products to our community.

But what really sets TAIGA apart from the competition? And what do our prices reflect? Discover below the distinctive advantages of our inflatable boards:

Developed by Our Team

Unlike generic catalog boards, all our boards are designed and tested in Canada by a dedicated team of ambassadors. Each product is the result of thorough research and rigorous development.

"Our approach goes beyond simply putting a logo on a board. We impose our own methodology and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality possible." - Nicolas Jolicoeur, Engineer and Owner

Robust Construction

The construction quality is crucial for the durability and performance of an inflatable SUP board. At TAIGA, we are committed to offering the highest quality products by implementing our own methods and using the following materials:

  • Double PVC Layer: For optimal rigidity and enhanced impact resistance.
  • Crossed X Filaments: Integrated into the structure to reinforce the board and improve its durability.
  • Fiberglass Stringers: Two fiberglass stiffeners are strategically placed on the top and bottom of the board to increase its rigidity and robustness.
  • High-Quality Glue: We use a durable and ultra-resistant adhesive that ensures a strong and long-lasting bond between the different layers of the board.

Quality Fins

The quality of fins is where professional companies with design expertise truly stand out from basic catalog board manufacturers. For many, fins remain an overlooked element, yet they are crucial for the board's direction and maneuverability. At TAIGA, we distinguish ourselves with:

  • Angled Side Fins: Specifically designed to enhance directional control.
  • Removable Fins with FCS System: Internationally tested in the surfing world.
  • Optimized Central Fin: For stability and easy storage.

P.S.: It's a misconception that more fins on an SUP board make it more stable. In reality, stability depends more on the board's width, thickness, and shape.

Optimal Air Pressure

The air pressure inside the board affects its rigidity and stability. It's common to find catalog boards limited to an air pressure of 15-18 PSI. This lower pressure can result in a bouncing effect, reducing its stability.

At TAIGA, our boards are rigorously tested to handle pressures of up to 45 PSI, ensuring safety during inflation to 20 PSI for optimal performance and stability.

Paddler pumping with the Manual Pump - Triple Action - HP6 - 30 PSI

Warning: Some companies now claim to support pressures up to 24 PSI. However, such pressure can be hazardous if the board's internal construction isn't designed to handle it. Higher PSI doesn't necessarily mean greater rigidity. In reality, excessive pressure can damage the board and even lead to the risk of explosion.

In short, at TAIGA, we believe that the true value of an inflatable SUP lies in its construction, materials, and design. Don't compromise your safety and enjoyment on the water by choosing a cheap option. Trust TAIGA to provide you with the best in inflatable paddle boards.

our technologies

It's all about attention to detail and expertise. With 10 years' experience in the paddle board industry, we know what we're doing.