Nibi Air 8'0 Seafoam - Complete kit for kids
Boy on the Nibi Air 8'0 Seafoam
Side view of the Nibi Air 8'0 Seafoam - Kids
Nose of the Nibi Air 8'0 Seafoam - Kids
Kick tail of the Nibi Air 8'0 Seafoam - Kids
Fin of the Nibi Air 8'0 Seafoam - Kids
Kids paddle for Nibi Air 8'0 Seafoam SUP
Paddler on the Nibi Air 8'0 Seafoam - Kids
Father and son on Nibi Air 8'0 Seafoam - Kids
Tail of the Nibi Air 8'0 Seafoam - Kids on a lake



An ideal paddle board for children from 3 to 10 y-o who want to paddle on their own, just like grown-ups. Start'em young with the Nibi Air!
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Length Width Thick Volume Weight Capacity
8'0'' 28'' 4'' 134 L 18 lbs 100 lbs
Configuration: Single fin
Board pressure: 15 - 18 PSI for a maximum rigidity with the X-WOVEN DROPSTITCH tech. Approved by TAIGA. 
Shape: Concave nose leading to a flat body and V-shaped tail

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NIBI AIR 8'0''


Introducing the Nibi Air, a paddle board thoughtfully designed to empower children to paddle on their own. Meticulously conceived with the young adventurers in mind, it offers a perfect balance of stability and maneuverability, allowing children to confidently explore the waters and embark on their own paddleboarding journeys. With its child-friendly dimensions and durable construction, the Nibi Air ensures a safe and enjoyable experience, igniting a lifelong passion for paddleboarding from an early age. Let your little ones embrace independence and discover the wonders of paddling with our SUP.


Nibi Air 8'0''

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