by Guillaume larouche

Discover 5 SUP Fishing Spots Close to Montreal

Is the success of your fishing expeditions a matter of luck or as a result of a good plan? Both are great questions, but if there’s one thing to know, it’s that there are several determining factors to catching a fish, big or small. before getting into the nitty gritty of the details, you should start by getting to know the best spots. From there, you can assess the techniques you’ll need to catch the fish as each location will offer different biodiversity, different elements from whether you’re on a lake or on an ocean.  

To help give you some ideas as to where to go, Guillaume, our SUP fishing ambassador, has listed 5 great spots near Montreal for you to try SUP fishing yourself.  

1.The RecreoParc in Ste-Catherine 

Located on the South Shore of Montreal, 20 minutes from the Champlain Bridge, this 3km-long shoreline is accessible by car and offers a fantastic view of the city. In addition to offering a spectacular urban panorama, you'll have the opportunity to fish for walleye, bass, pike and many other species of fish. For the walleye fishermen, I suggest you let yourself drift with the current and jig. Bass lovers will be served with a more active approach at the base of the Ste-Catherine rapids. To access this location with your car, you must pay a fee of $17 at the entrance of the security gate.   


2.The Chambly Basin 

The Chambly Basin is a great place to fish since as 3km of rapids are a big spawning ground in the spring. In addition to being able to observe magnificent sunsets, the Parc des Voiles in St-Mathias offers 20 free parking spaces to access the water. In the spring, until June 20th, you can fish for walleye, bass, pike as well as other species. After June 20, the area upstream of the buoys (at the base of the rapids) will be protected for copper redhorse. Meaning, there will be a period where fishing will be completely prohibited in this area.   


3.Lake Boivin in Granby 

The large parking lot at Daniel-Johnson Park provides access to the water and many other services. Largemouth bass "catch and release" enthusiasts will be delighted by this location. This spot has long been kept secret on social networks to ensure exceptional fishing quality. Today, more details are available, but respect is essential for the survival of this powerful and spectacular fish often sought after by sport fishermen. To help preserve this natural and urban environment, access to the water is only possible by kayak or paddle board. Moreover, a large part of this gem is managed by a protected area, which provides a respite to this predator from frogs and other species living in dense vegetation. 

4.The beach park in Sainte-Rose  

Where you fish is a determining factor in catching fish. The season, the weather, and the techniques are also keys to success. To know more about fishing techniques, I recommend listening to the Youtube videos of Raymond vs Bass. I mention him because he allowed me to discover this spot on the north shore of Montreal. Walleye, bass and pike are prevalent in this area.   


5.The Islands of Sorel 

A huge playground for the season's opening for walleye, bass and pike. During the months of May and June, the fish are looking for their food in the warmer waters of our streams. Forage fish will be in abundance in the shallow areas. The islands of Sorel are great for catching fish that come up from Lake St-Pierre to feed after the winter period. Because it’s a cooler time of year (a wetsuit is recommended) it will be quite and less crowded out on the water. ''Passion planche'' is an accessible place to have access to the water at a lower cost.    

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