Lumberskins hard SUP rental taiga board paddle board

LUMBERSKIN 10'6" X 31,5"
LUMBERSKIN 11'4" X 33"

Front view of the Lumberskin 10&
Girl with the Lumberskin 10&
Bottom of the Lumberskin 10&
Nose of the Lumberskin 10&
Tail of the Lumberskin 10&
Fin of the Lumberskin SUP
Side view of the Lumberskin 10&
Front view of the Lumberskin 11&
Bottom of the Lumberskin 11&
Rental of the Lumberskin 10&
Group with Lumberskin 10&
Photographer with the Lumberskin 10&
SUP Instructor with the Lumberskin 10&
Rental at KSF with the Lumberskin 10&
Front view of the Lumberskin 10&
Fin of the Lumberskin 10&
Lumberskin 10&


LUMBERSKIN is a paddle board with a very resistant and solid ABS plastic outer shell. It's mainly intended for schools, rental centers and summer camps, but it can also be used by several people who use the same paddle board.
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Designed with the shape of our Borea 10'6 and our Thuya 11'4, they can be used on different types of waterways.

Dimensions :

Lumberskin 10'6: 10’6 x 31,5’’ x 4,6’’ - 197 liters
- Lumberskin 11'4: 11’4 x 33’’ x 4,9’’ - 255 liters
Weight: 30 lbs
Board type: promenade / all around / SUP yoga / teaching / learning 
Shape: Nose concave, milieu et tail flat

Superior quality plastic fin :

- 1 x center fin 9''

NOT INCLUDED: paddle and accessories

CNC Machined EPS 18 kg/m³ foam core for shape precision

Sandwich-like structure of fiberglass and epoxy

ABS plastic outer shell

PVC rail reinforcement

EVA foam mat

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