by Nadia Bonenfant

SUP Yoga: 5 Easy Poses

We’ve all though about doing yoga on our paddle board. . After trying it ourselves, we quickly realized that, well, it’s not as easy as we knew it to be on land. Our ambassador and SUP Yoga specialist, Nadia Bonenfant from JUNA Yoga, has listed her top 5 favourite SUP yoga poses (as pictured in the beautiful scenery of the Magdalen Islands!). 

Pro tip: we suggest performing these in a bathing suit or a wetsuit.


Because SUP yoga requires both hands to be free, it makes it hard to hold your paddle at the same time. To keep it close to your body and on the board, consider equipping your board with paddle straps. They’ll ensure that your paddle is secure during your practice!

It’s also important to think about choosing the right paddle board to practice the sport. For SUP yoga, we want to focus on the stability of the board by looking at its width among other things. Our favorite is our Awen 10'0 x 33'' or our Awen Air 10'0 x 34'', both specially designed for SUP yoga. 

Since width = stability, here are some other models equally as great for SUP yoga: Kanoa Air 9'6 x 35'', Thuya Air 11'0 x 34'', Boréa Air 10'6 x 32''. 

Finally, our inflatable paddle boards all have D-Rings to clip your anchor to so that you can stay in place during your session.

The boat 

This position is achievable for all levels, allowing you to work your core, your lower back and your shoulders. The boat is great for stimulating blood circulation during when it’s cold out or for working the abdominal-pelvic area. Place yourself in the center of your board for a greater balance and rest your toes on the board if youre a beginner and eventually progress to lifting them off the surface.

Photo : Sophie Corriveau

The crescent moon & the eagle arms

A great position to work on your center balance, a slight opening of the hips and stimulating the stabilizing muscles in the body. The eagle arms add a great value to the position by working on a deep stretch of the shoulders and shoulder blades. This is a great position to practice after having paddled all day on your board.

Photo : Sophie Corriveau

The chair

An extremely stimulating position for your stabilizers and for increased blood circulation. This position is great to do before paddling, opening the alignment of your spine and to wake up the abdominal muscles.


Upward dog 

A great position prep your arms for the season! It helps reinforce your wrists and shoulders which can help improve your stroke but is also a fundamental position in yoga. While working that upper body, downward dog is also known for engaging your lower back and hamstrings.

Caution: do not relax the lower back. Maintain the connection between the sternum and the sacrum or put your knees on the board to relieve some pressure off your lower back if you’re experiencing any discomfort. 

Photo : Sophie Corriveau

The chair with a twist

This position is more of an intermediate position, but one that is still easily manageable on a paddleboard. Place both your feet at the hip width and on either side of the central handle. Take the chair position and engage your bellybutton towards your spine. Once stable, add the twist with your hands placed together. As you twist, bring your elbow across to the exterior of the opposite leg and try to remain aligned between your ankles, knees, and hips. This position is excellent for the digestive system, to stimulate the abdominals and the stabilizing muscles! Don’t forget to breathe deeply.

Photo : Sophie Corriveau

Bonus position: The hinge

Because we love our #TaigaTribe, here's another position you might like to try once you've mastered the others. It’s not very complicated, but it’s still an intermediate position.  

It’s a little tricker as you’ll need to work on the lateral side of the board! You’ll tap into those deep stabilizers and stretch your intercostal muscles, while also opening your body for deep breathing, firing-off those abdominal-pelvic muscles.


For more SUP Yoga positions, follow our ambassadors Nadia and Mylène from JUNA Yoga!